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ScreenPlay is a new humorous digital collectible card game designed around the theme of cinema and is based on a fictional shared universe of movie making.


In ScreenPlay, two players face off in a competitive match of cards using their pre-made decks, that consists of Roles, Movie Tropes and members of a Film Crew. Gameplay is turn-based, yet simultaneous, with players taking actions at the same time each turn. The goal is to advance the arc of your Lead Roles earlier than the opponent by collecting Narrative Points.


The game allows players to:

  • Compete in different multiplayer modes and single-player story campaigns.

  • Build decks with various combinations of Lead Roles, each providing different win conditions.

  • Keep card collection relevant by utilizing old cards for crafting new ones.

  • Get biggest rewards for anticipating opponent's moves.

  • Experience new stories & characters without any previous knowledge or interest.


In ScreenPlay, you have total control on how you setup your actions, but no control on how they plays out as enemy's actions happens at the same time and might ruin your plans.

In the Collection window, players can browse their cards and create custom decks.

Factions in ScreenPlay are movie genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Drama, etc.

The game's art direction invokes an art style inspired from the American humor Mad Magazine. Character illustrations have a surreal comic style and are designed to produce visual humor.

The character designs draw parodical inspiration from classic film heroes to cultural icons.


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