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A new cinema-themed, comedy-based, free-to-play collectible card game

ScreenPlay is a competitive, comedy collectible card game with
simultaneous yet strategic gameplay, designed around the theme of cinema.

Become a filmmaker in a hyper-exaggerated movie-making universe and compete against other filmmakers who are bent in jeopardizing the production of your fictional movie.

  • Free to play and win (if you play well enough)

  • Deep strategy that rewards outsmarting your opponent

  • Simultaneous turns that minimize idle time

  • Build your deck around lead characters that influence your play style

  • Defeat AI Bosses in missions with unique game modes to unlock new cards

  • Climb the ranked ladder against other players

  • Customize your board, card backs, and other gameplay elements

  • Learn about the storylines of the characters in single-player content

  • Recipe system repurposes unwanted duplicates to craft desired cards

List of Features

Area 51 Salavager
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