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Step into the world of ScreenPlay!

A hilarious, cinema-themed digital card game where strategy meets whimsy. Unpredictable outcomes abound in this Rock-Paper-Scissors-based world filled with comical characters, innovative deck-building, and endless interaction possibilities!


Re-Inventing the Interactive

Comico’s mission is to create innovative games that are fun, humorous and attractive to a wider audience than the current market, yet all the while maintaining the strategic depth to keep experienced gamers engaged.

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“We believe that the best creative ideas 
emerge when you are having fun doing something you truly enjoy."

In a world where it might seem that all ideas have been done, we use comedy as our secret sauce to unlock new ideas and possibilities.

We want to make games that make you smile, giggle or possibly roll over the floor laughing. But most importantly, we want to make games that are highly engaging and fun to play.

Join us in our mission!

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